We are hiring

SmarTechs B2B has been active in the field of wholesale technology products in related stores since 2012.


With a steadily growing and healthy customer base it is pleased to announce the need to cover the following jobs:


  1. Software Sales Manager (regardless of age and gender) for distribution of antivirus products in the Greek and European markets.


  • Possibility of flexible working hours depending on the employee's personal obligations, but always on shop hours. Location indifferent.
  • Contacting customers via email and Skype, creating a new clientele in Greece and Europe, Online sales and Skype support, product newsletter.
  • We ask for a pleasant / collaborative / group / communicative personality, with good language and good English knowledge - any other language will be taken into account -.
  • Experience will also be appreciated but not mandatory.


You can send your CV at: support@smartechs.gr 

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